Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spooky Houses- art journal page

Hello Arty Souls:)

Halloween is coming and I wanted to show you how can you make fun journal page using beautiful papers by Graphic 45 An Erie Tale
 Just let go your scrapbooking precision and tear the paper:) Have fun!!!

This is so simple: you need to just cut out shapes of the houses and their different details such as windows, doors, roofs and put them together. Just remember to use contrasting colours. Try to play with small details as they always add more magic ;)

At the end I shade the houses with markers and also make some doodles with a pen:)

I hope you enjoyed it!
Happy early Halloween!!!


  1. Wonderful project ! Looove the idea of using the papers to create the houses.

  2. Like You said- early Halloween, but wonderfull:) Good ideas:)